When the ground has gold, DETECTOR

When the ground has gold, DETECTOR

Press Minelab Metal Detector Coin Find 02

Luke Mahoney, a metal detectorist, unearthed 1,000 coins (they were actually silver but it doesn’t work for this case study’s headline) using a Minelab Equinox 800.

The rest was not meant to sound like Craig David’s Seven Days but however we write it, that’s how it sounds… so let’s go with it:

Took a brief from our first US client late on Thursday
We had snappers and a journo in a field by Friday
Then a valuation on Saturday
We chilled on Sunday (ed – except to get the pics and copy approved)
The story met the media on Monday
We all went for a virtual drink to celebrate on Tuesday

Ok. We’re better at quick turn-around news sell-ins than we are at ripping off Craig David songs. Still a good result – and some ridiculous credits for the Equinox 800.

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