Our first Irish Virtual Radio Media Tour

Our first Irish Virtual Radio Media Tour

Healthy foods containing vitamin D

We love trying our new things and when Ceres PR asked us to help dispel some myths around Vitamin-D in Ireland, we jumped at the chance.

Vitamin D is getting a lot of attention right now with many experts suggesting it may play a part in not only reducing the severity of COVID-19 illness but also potentially help reduce transmissions.

In Ireland, it’s become a particularly hot topic and there have been calls for it to be included in the Taoiseach’s “Living with Covid Plan”.

Ceres’ client, Yakult Light, commissioned Mortar Research to look into how much the public knew about the Vitamin: the results highlighted many in Ireland wrongly believe it could be produced by exposure to the winter sun or by sitting next to a window on a sunny day.

Dr Mary McCreery, a dietician and nutritionist, spoke to 12 Irish radio stations about the study, including national broadcaster Newstalk.