Mmmm tasty!

Mmmm tasty!

We love working on food stories and journos love covering them. Win win.

So, when we teamed up with Clarion and their client Aldi to show that British people were in a pickle over classics like toad in the hole and bubble and squeak, we knew there’d be a healthy appetite from broadcasters.

A simple poll showed that many Brits had never tried classic UK dishes and didn’t even know what some of them were. One in five thought toad in the hole was a fictional meal.

Less than half knew what pease pudding was while lesser-known dishes like stargazy pie and rumbledethumps also had Brits scratching their heads. 

A simple poll and an interesting guest were the only ingredients needed here.

TV historian Seren Charrington-Hollins explained the etymology of dishes and tickled the presenters’ tastebuds with talk of food glorious food.

We secured 18 interviews including 10 regional BBCs and a feature on BBC Food.