A good story, Sky News Radio & decent broadcast monitoring

A good story, Sky News Radio & decent broadcast monitoring


Two-fifths of electricians and gas engineers have been asked by clients to tamper with their meters in the last 12 months, according to data out earlier this week.

Nearly all the tradespeople surveyed believe the increasing cost of energy has led to more people looking to make their meters run slowly.

We helped Direct Line Group land over 300 items of broadcast coverage warning of the dangers – financial and physical – of meter tampering.

With spokespeople from Direct Line and the Electrical Safety First, the warning was heard by listeners and viewers of You & Yours, Sky News TV, Times Radio, LBC and hundreds more.

Meter tampering isn’t new, but the cost of living crisis is… For media, the story served as not only a very valid warning, but also a worrying measure of the consequences of the crisis.

On radio, one of the key sources of coverage was an interview with Direct Line’s Alison Traboulsi with Sky News Radio.

Coverage from Sky News Radio isn’t always easy to monitor, so it’s only fair to shout out to Carma Media Analysis, who picked up hundreds of branded features.